Useful Apps for Story Telling

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This Apple app will bring your Story of a Time project together. Here you can bring together videos from all of the apps above and enhance your story board with transitions in to different scenes. What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Another free app great for recording character speech for a Story of a Lifetime video. This app will let you record speech for one character at a time.

This free app is wonderful for character speech in your Story of a Lifetime. Students would record their character’s speech and place this video in to another app like Book Creator or iMovie to further develop their storyboard. This app will let you record speech for several characters in one take.

This simple story telling app has 3 stages: pick the characters, pick the backgrounds, record the story!

A great app for the early years through to adulthood, Puppet Pals will capture your Story of a Lifetime beautifully using your own characters and backgrounds.

Stop-motion film making has been enhanced with this free app for iPad. Being able to animate and edit simultaneously will have your students telling their Story of a Lifetime quickly and easily. This quality app let's students make a professional stop-motion film in only one lesson.

Creating digital books has never been easier! Book Creator does exactly what it says. Your youngest learners in school can illustrate and narrate their Story of a Lifetime on to the pages of a book in only one lesson. When finished, Book Creator allows you export their work as a video for an easy upload to your school’s Vimeo account.

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Created by J Milner @2017

Project by Jason Milner and Marc Faulder